R&B Backend Booking plugin is an extension of WooCommerce and WooCommerce Rental & Booking plugin. So before installing this plugin, please make sure you've installed these two required plugins. Otherwise this plugin will not work and you'll get warning message in WordPress admin area.

Top Features

  • image Unlimited booking products
  • image Multiple inventories with multiple quantities
  • image Product availability control
  • image Inventory management
  • image Control order status
  • image Order cancellation & availability restore
  • image Local & global product setting
  • image Hour based booking & calendar blocking
  • image Hour based pricing
  • image General pricing
  • image Day based pricing
  • image Monthly pricing
  • image Day range pricing
  • image Kilometer based pricing
  • image Price discount(Percentage/Fixed)
  • image Price breakdown
  • image Coupon based discount
  • image Unlimited Resources (Payable/Free)
  • image Unlimited Categories with Quantity(Payable/Free)
  • image Category (Mandatory/Optional)
  • image Category Cost(Per day/OneTime)
  • image Deposit Cost(Mandatory/Optional)
  • image Late hour management
  • image Max & Min booking days
  • image Initial block days
  • image Holidays Configuration
  • image Weekend Configuration
  • image Opening & Closing Hours
  • image Date Format
  • image Security Deposit


  • image Full Calendar Order Integrations
  • image Google Calendar Order Integrations