RnBCal plugin is an extension of WooCommerce and WooCommerce Rental & Booking plugin. So before installing this plugin, please make sure you've installed these two required plugins. Otherwise this plugin will not work and you'll get warning message in WordPress admin area.

Top Features

  • image Automated Calendar Generation
  • image Dynamic Event Creation
  • image Email Notifications
  • image Easy Integration
  • image Compatibility
  • image Customizability
  • image Event Reminders
  • image Internal Use and Communication
  • image User-Friendly Interface
  • image Regular Updates and Support
  • image Enhanced Order Management
  • image Real-Time Tracking
  • image Easy Order Navigation
  • image Improved Efficiency
  • image Transparent Order Monitoring


  • image Google Calendar
  • image Apple Calendar
  • image Microsoft Outlook
  • image Yahoo! Calendar
  • image AOL
  • image Office 365